About Us

Although we are based in the Midlands in Leamington Spa, we have represented clients all over the country. It follows that people travel great distances in their vehicles particularly for work and sometimes fall foul of the law many miles from home. Some clients wish to attend a solicitors' office closer to home to seek some initial advice. After that initial meeting we often build a rapport with the client and are requested to personally provide representation in court.

We are regular attendees in both Warwickshire courts, the Justice Centre in Nuneaton and the Justice Centre in Leamington Spa. Coventry Magistrates, Birmingham Magistrates, Leicester Magistrates and Worcester Magistrates Courts are all easily accessible to us and we have successfully assisted clients in those areas on many occasions.

We offer a free consultation to all of our clients. This can either be on the phone or in person. Initial consultation is usually made by phone or email. We will ask relevant questions and get to the heart of the issues whilst also exploring the wider picture. It may be helpful if you have to hand any paperwork that you have been given if you have already been charged of summonsed. If your matter is still in the investigation stage then we can attend the police station with you free of charge.

After the initial meeting or conversation, we will know what issues are involved and the likely steps to take to ensure the best possible outcome. The issue of fees will then be discussed.

What we have always kept at the heart of our business ethos is a need to be realistic and straightforward when it comes to fees. Motoring Brief was established because we became increasingly appalled by what we were witnessing from these so called specialist web firms. We are completely above board when it comes to costs. That is where we differ from a lot of "specialist" firms.